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Sunday 22 May
1500-1900 Registration
1730-1900 Exhibition
1730-1900 Welcome Reception
Sponsor:  BrookStreet des Roches LLP
Monday 23 May
0730-1800 Registration
0730-0845 Delegate breakfast
0730-1800 Exhibition
0900-1030 Opening Plenary


High potential - the GC perspective

Succeeding as an in-house leader requires certain behaviours and competencies that are not taught at law school. This session provides an opportunity to find out directly from the high potentials themselves what worked for them and what businesses are looking for in leaders who are lawyers.

This session provides invaluable insights, knowledge and personal experiences from leading GCs that will help you to understand what is needed to become an influential leader in the in-house legal world. GCs talk about what the competencies and leadership qualities are that have helped them in their careers and what they and the business look for when identifying high potential legal leaders.

Marie-Anne Birken, General Counsel, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Sabine Chalmers, Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Antonino Cusimano, General Counsel and Executive Vice President Legal Affairs, Telecom Italia S.p.A.
Marco Reggiani, General Counsel Legal, Corporate and Compliance Affairs, Snam
Fabienne-Anne Rehulka, General Counsel EMEA, Managing Director, Legal & Compliance, Swiss Re Management Ltd

Leigh Dance, President, ELD International LLC

1030-1100 Networking break
1100-1230/1300 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself


1100-1300 Striving for excellence: Being the best in-house lawyer you can be

Understanding yourself, understanding others, and learning how to work together in a positive way is not a luxury - it's a necessity and the gateway to success for your people, your leaders, your teams and your entire organisation.

  • Welcome and introduction - what's involved in "Being the best you can be"?
  • Where to start? - with YOU
  • The power of perception - why we all see things so differently
  • The insights colours - a model to help you "look in the mirror"
  • Strengths and weaknesses - knowing where you add value and where you need help
  • Understanding others - how to "speed read" colleagues and clients - how to discover quickly what they want and what their drives and motivations are
  • Communication - how to approach colleagues and clients to get the best out of them - what to say to get them on-board…and what NOT to say
  • Action planning - how to take this forward into the real world

Charles Grimes, Director, Charles Grimes Ltd

Track: Lead the Law


1100-1300 EU data protection regulation

No business that has/uses employee or consumer data can afford to have lawyers who are unaware of the law relating to data privacy! This session explores the immediate impact of the implementation of the EU General data protection regulation including the harmonisation of regulator activity across Europe, how effective the "one-stop shop" format will be, Article 29 Working Party submissions and how to protect your business from the right to be forgotten. The European Data Protection Supervisor, Mr. Giovanni Buttarelli, will provide a keynote presentation on the General data protection regulation followed by a panel discussion. To get ahead of the curve and never let your business be taken unaware, you need to attend this session!

Sponsor:  Bird & Bird LLP

Cecilia Alvarez, European Data Protection Officer Lead, Pfizer
Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor
Alexander Duisberg, Partner and Head Software & Services, Int'l Tech & Coms Group, Bird & Bird LLP
Cristina Sirera, Group Privacy Advisor, Colt Technology Services Group Limited

Patrick Ambrose, Chief Legal Officer, DLL Ireland

Track: Lead the Business



1100-1230 Succeeding in emerging markets

Whilst presenting significant opportunities, any venture into or trade with emerging countries requires careful consideration, strategic planning and knowledge of the unique local markets and legal environments. The speakers will share valuable practical information, best practices on how to be successful and what to avoid during and after international expansion.

Sponsor:  Lex Mundi

Rebecca (Riv) Goldman, VP, Law, Rockwell Automation
Derek Jones, Partner, Baker Botts LLP – a Lex Mundi member firm
Duygu Limnili Kirca, Chief Legal Counsel, Mondelez International
Graham Shepherd, Senior Counsel, BearingPoint


Law Labs

New to the ACC Europe Annual Conference! Two interactive sessions enabling delegates to share ideas and lessons learned. Facilitated by experts, these sessions will provide valuable dialogue with peers on topical issues. Each Law Lab will be limited to 15 delegates which ensures each participant is given ample time to share opinions and contribute to the discussions.

Track: Lead the Law


1100-1200 Law Lab 1: Protecting and enforcing your IP rights in China - understanding the changing environment

Reviewing the drivers of economic success in China and the latest IP developments in China and exploring in depth how to structure R&D arrangements to protect your trade secrets and technology in an interactive session with the experts.

Sponsor:  Bird & Bird LLP

Giovanni Galimberti, Co-managing Partner, Italy, Bird & Bird LLP
MariaGiovanna Marletti, In House Counsel, Ferrero S.p.A.
Marc Messely, Group Industrial Property Manager at NV Bekaert SA, Bruges Area, Belgium Legal Services

Grégory Leboutte, EMEA GBUs Legal Director, Hewlett-Packard Belgium

Track: Lead the Business


1200-1300 Law Lab 2: "To RFP or not RFP?" Lessons learned in selecting outside counsel

In-house counsels are under increasing pressure (especially from procurement colleagues) to run formal RFPs (Requests for Proposals), or tenders, in order to compare offers from law firms and select on an "objective" basis. In this session our speakers will lead a discussion on the pointers and pitfalls in running an RFP when selecting a law firm.

Sponsor:  Littler Global

Vinciane De Coen, Procurement Manager, Infrabel
Matthew Glover, Head of Legal Operations, Colt Technology Services
Sam Parr, VP & Associate General Counsel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise for UK & Ireland and Enterprise Services for EMEA
Tahl Tyson, Shareholder, Littler Global

Grégory Leboutte, EMEA GBUs Legal Director, Hewlett-Packard Belgium

1230-1430 Lunch
1430-1600 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself


The connected world (social media)

Understanding that you are your own brand. This session focuses on how to improve your visibility both inside and outside your organisation, and align any activity with specific business goals. Social media is now no one-trick-pony but can deliver multiple and measurable results.

Michelle Carvill, Carvill Creative

Track: Lead the Law


"Nudge": the use of behavioural economics by EU legislators and regulators

Increasingly EU law (in particular EU consumer law) is being driven by a school of thought known as 'behavioural economics', which takes into account the behaviours of individuals when they are exercising choice. Regulators recognise that behavioural economics could have a profound impact on many of the most serious challenges facing policy makers today and increasingly see an opportunity for behavioural economics to support more specific issues like complexity, consumer inertia, marketing and the impact of communications to consumers. This session provides an overview of how behavioural economics is quickly becoming a "game changer" for the shape of regulation for time to come.

Marilù Capparelli, Regional Director, Google EMEA
Emanuele Ciriolo, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Cristiano Codagnone, Professor, University of Milan

Patrick Ambrose, Chief Legal Officer, DLL Ireland

Track: Lead the Business


Know your financials - financial education for in-house lawyers

Do you know your NPV from your IRR? Your Payback from your ROI? Find out how to understand and talk knowledgeably with business colleagues on financial matters. In-house counsel are frequently expected to demonstrate business acumen and sound financial decision-making skills. This session will help you to advise and make decisions based on financial data, explaining how to understand the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow, and how to identify red flags that signal financial difficulties or accounting problems.

David C. Butow, Vice President and General Counsel, EMEIA and Deputy General Counsel,  M&A, Finance and Restructuring, Ingersoll Rand, Brussels, Belgium
Marco Giorgino, Professor, Polytechnic Milan
Yves Heijmans, Manager Legal and Public Affairs EMEA Region, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Marco Lechner, Associate General Counsel Contracting, Accenture GmbH
Tim Williams, Area Counsel, Wärtsilä Energy Solutions Middle East & Asia

Track: Lead the Business


"Don't panic. OK, panic!" (Crisis management)

The participants will go through a mock crisis management exercise. This session will explore the complementary roles of legal, communications and PR, and business continuity management, presenting best practices in crisis management planning, stakeholder management, and proactive communications management.

Sponsor:  Fieldfisher

Massimiliano Carpino, Adjunct Professor of Law & New Technologies, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan
Nick Holland, Partner, Fieldfisher
Bruce Macmillan, Director GC Academy, RPC
Stathis Mihos, Legal Director for Greece, Cyprus & Malta, Pfizer Hellas S.A.

1600-1630 Networking break
1630-1800 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself


Talk like Ted

What is it about TED Talks that has made them such a phenomenon? Why are they so successful and what can we learn from them? Presenting effectively and with impact has changed over the years. Do you know your audience? Are you thinking about what they want to hear or what you want to say; factors that are not mutually exclusive. In the digital age with the 24/7 cycle of news, emails and instant messages, how do you reach your audience?

Dan Fitz, Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, BT Group plc
Steve Leroy, Vice President Legal & Corporate Affairs, Anheuser-Busch InBev SA

Track: Lead the Law


The evolution of the European project: legal implications of a 'Brexit' or 'Grexit'

Panel discussion on the potential legal impact of an exit by one or more EU Member States and steps in-house counsel can take to future-proof legal documents.

Sponsor:  RPC

Sara Biro, Former Senior European Counsel, Fitch Ratings
Stephen Denyer, Director of Strategic Relationships, The Law Society of England and Wales
Lambros Kilaniotis
, Partner, RPC
Dr Eleonora Poli, Researcher, Instituto Affari Internazionali, Rome

Track: Lead the Business


Post-merger integration - or "what could possibly go wrong now that we've signed?"

Participants will go through a post-merger integration exercise and will have to provide inputs/responses for the Board. Naming and branding issues, earn-outs, subsidiaries management, employee relations, accounting and financial reporting…keep that due diligence report handy!

Sponsor:  EY

Gerard Chan, Vice President, Head of Legal, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan, Symantec Corporation
Stacey van Hooven, Vice President & General Counsel, Legal Services, SCA GmbH
Gavin Johnson, Partner, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, EY (UK)
John Ward, Former Associate General Counsel - Mergers & Acquisitions, DuPont

Track: Lead the Business


Driving Change: Legal Leadership in today's complex macro environment 

The expectations on Legal teams have changed dramatically over the last decade. From protecting reputation and delivering meaningful compliance programmes through to creating competitive advantage and driving efficiency through innovation. How can legal leaders create the dynamic for their teams to deliver across such a challenging landscape. Our panellists will discuss a range of experience that can deliver lasting strategic benefits and influence cultural change.

Sponsor:  K&L Gates

Martín Castro, Legal & Public Affairs Manager Bridgestone Argentina – President of ACC Argentina
Adrian Morris, Group General Counsel, Tesco PLC
Saswata Mukherjee, Global Legal Operations Director, Unilever UK
Mathias Schulze Steinen, Partner, K&L Gates
Liz Walker, General Counsel, BT Global Services

1930-2300 Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner at the Villa Miani, an elegant historic home, set in beautiful grounds with spectacular views over the city

Dress code: Business suit

Sponsor: Lex Mundi

Tuesday 24 May
0745-1600 Registration
0745-0845 Delegate breakfast
0745-1430 Exhibition
0800-0845 Make the most of your ACC membership - session open to all delegates
0900-1030 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself


Disruptive change - Strategic agility in 2016 and beyond

As the legal business world experiences disruptive change, are in-house lawyers transforming and adapting or being left behind? So many in-house lawyers are so busy with the day-to-day business that they do not notice the changes going on around them.

Helena Bescos Menendez de la Granda, Senior Director, Associate General Counsel, Citrix Systems France
Ciaran Fenton, Leadership and Behavioural Change Consultant
José Ramón González, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, QBE North America
Stefano Vicariotto, VP Regional Counsel Europe, BT Global Services

Track: Lead the Law


Equality, diversity and discrimination in the EU workplace - what and how to eliminate/minimise bias

Directive 2014/95/EU on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups entered into force on 6 December 2014 and EU Member States have two years to transpose it into national legislation. For the first time, such companies will be required to disclosure in their management report information on policies, risks and outcomes relating to environmental matters, social and employee aspects, respect for human rights, anticorruption and bribery issues, and diversity in their board of directors (including information on the age, gender and educational and professional backgrounds of their members). This session will be divided into a short presentation giving an overview of the Directive, followed by a 'mock boardroom' to demonstrate the impact of the Directive at a company level. There will then be a short panel discussion of matters raised which will include an examination of the role of in-house counsel in driving diversity issues and the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda more generally.

Sponsor: L&E Global

Eva Bishop, Associate General Counsel, Downstream and Shipping, BP plc
Dara Gill, VP & Associate General Counsel, CEE&I, Russia and MEMA, HPE
Nia Joynson-Romanzina, iCubed, Founder & Director
John Sander
, Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C., Member of the Board of L&E Global

Track: Lead the Business


The ACC Value Champions: Combining value tactics to cut costs, improve predictability and achieve better outcomes

Learn how results can be multiplied when you put together any combination of in-sourcing, unbundling, alternative legal service providers, process improvement, value-based fees and technology. Whether you're looking for solutions to improve client satisfaction and cost control in litigation, M&A or patent management, these Value Champions will share proven tactics you can use.

Sponsor: Portolano Cavallo

Renato Conti, Partner, PW Advisory & Capital Services Italia Srl, Name Partner, "Renato Conti Law Offices"
Aine Lyons, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, WW Legal Operations, VMware
Catherine J Moynihan, Senior Director, Legal Management Services, Association of Corporate Counsel
Francesco Portolano, Partner, Portolano Cavallo

Track: Lead the Business


Designing the perfect law firm and perfect in-house team

A group exercise where half of the delegates will be tasked to design the perfect law firm. At the same time the other half of the delegates and a team of external counsel, will design the perfect in-house team. Both sides will present their findings back to each other.

Sponsor:  Littler Global

Tom Bender, Co-President and Co-Managing Director, Littler Global
Sandrine Chambord
, Chief Counsel Competition & International Sales, Mondelez International
Dr. Thomas Griebe, Managing Shareholder, Vangard Member, Littler Global
Peter A. Susser, Global Practice Leader, Littler Global
Tahl Tyson, Shareholder, Littler Global
Gabe Shawn Varges, Senior Partner, HCM, Zurich and Geneva
Simon White, General Counsel (UK, Middle East & Africa) and Global Privacy Director, Cognizant Technology Solutions

1030-1100 Networking break
1100-1230 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself


The road well-travelled

Making choices about which job to take, whether to relocate, make a move laterally, change industries; these are all the stepping stones of your career path. We are more often at the career crossroads than we would like to think. This session delivers insights from leading lawyers from those starting out to those who are more experienced as well as valuable guidance from those who help us to find these new opportunities.

Sponsor:  Adamson & Partners Ltd

Christopher Adamson, Managing Partner, Adamson & Partners Ltd
Gayle S. Gorvett, Managing Director, GGorvett Consulting
Leslie D. MacIntosh, Deputy General Counsel, IATA
Gregory J. Ritts, General Counsel, Altisource Portfolio Solutions

Track: Lead the Law


EU competition law update

This session will present an overview of significant legal and policy developments in EU competition law over the last year, the latest trends in competition litigation and what it means for you in practice.

Sponsor:  McDermott, Will & Emery

Mélanie Bruneau, Avocat - Partner, McDermott Will & Emery
Jacques Moscianese, Head Antitrust Affairs & Strategic Support, Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
Maria Gaia Pazzi, Casehandler, Italian Competition Authority (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato)
Guillaume Taillandier, General Counsel Europe / Data Privacy Officer, Bemis Europe

Track: Lead the Business


Small law department - maximise your effectiveness & efficiency

How to get more for less: how to manage a small legal department for maximum efficiency on a modest budget. This session will share best practices and practical tips on: the practical aspects of staffing (range of positions, non-legal positions, outsourcing); budgeting (templates, budgeting for litigation, cost allocation, common budget busters); research options (Lexis Nexis, Practical Law, ACC, other knowledge management systems) and technology tools (systems for small departments, cloud services, video conferencing, e-signature systems, systems that allow you to work from anywhere).

Claudia Blaesi, LL.M. IP, Senior Legal Counsel, Constellium Switzerland AG
Stephan Engelmann, Legal Director & Assistant General Counsel DACH and RESE, Juniper Networks GmbH
Jory Lacaze, Associate General Counsel – EMEA APAC, SunPower

Jasprit Sahnsi, Senior Legal Counsel, Gategroup

Track: Lead the Law


Arbitration v courts v mediation

Which form of dispute resolution is best for your contract? Hear from in-house counsel and experts the pros and cons of different methods of dispute resolution from their experience and help inform you as you decide which form to use in your contracts.

Sponsor: Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution

Richard Baček, General Counsel Siemens, Czech Republic & Romania & Slovakia
Paige Bickley Navarro, Former Senior Director, Commercial Law, Europe/Africa, Halliburton
Han Kooy, General Manager, ECLA
Caroline Ming, General Counsel, SCAI - Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution

1230-1430 Lunch
1430-1600 Closing Plenary


What success looks like for legal - the business perspective

What does the business look for from legal? CEO/Senior Business panel provide their insights into what makes successful in-house leaders, teams and individuals.

Richard Christou, Corporate Adviser at Fujitsu Limited
Massimo Mantovani, Chief Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Eni SpA Italy
Massimo Giorgio Visentin, Global Innovative Pharma Lead and Country Manager Italy, Pfizer
Kevin J. Wilcox, Chief Administration Officer, Altisource Portfolio Solutions

Janice More, Executive Director and General Counsel, The Law Society of England and Wales

Programme and speakers are subject to change without notice.

ACC Europe wishes to thank the 2016 Annual Conference Advisory Board for their thought leadership, creativity and hard work in developing this programme and populating the programme with great speakers:

Janice More
, Attorney Executive Director and General Counsel, The Law Society of England and Wales

Track leaders:
Patrick Ambrose
, Chief Legal Officer, DLL Ireland
Claire Debney, Former VP & General Counsel, Group Legal Affairs & Compliance, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc
Alessandro Galtieri, Legal Director, Corporate Law and Data Protection, Colt Technology Services Group Ltd

With thanks also for significant assistance from:

Matthew Benz, Senior Counsel, Altisource Portfolio Solutions
Luca Galantucci, Region Counsel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
David Gribble, Senior Commercial Lawyer, BT plc
Grégory Leboutte, EMEA GBUs Legal Director, Hewlett-Packard Belgium
Steve Leroy, Vice President Legal & Corporate Affairs, Anheuser-Busch InBev SA 
Duygu Limnili Kirca, Chief Legal Counsel, Mondelez International
Jasprit Sahnsi, Senior Legal Counsel, Gategroup